Five Advantages of Copywriting in Online Marketing

 The art of writing is as old as civilizations, existing as one of the most intelligible ways of expressing our thoughts and ideas. Even after all these years of technological advancements, witnessing the transformation from macros to micros, writing stayed resolute; polishing its significance from time to time. But in this digital age of elaboration and opportunities, an attempt at grabbing the slightest bit of attention from netizens can be a Herculean task.

            The only way to tackle this problem is to find some unique approach; something that cannot be missed by the viewer’s eyes. The method of copywriting-which is commonly known as the process of writing advertising promotional materials, is found to be a great tool in this era for attracting readers and leaving a lasting impression in their minds. Words have the power to successfully deliver clear explanations on any subject, apprising and convincing as it proceeds; the reason why it gained so much importance in the field of Digital Marketing in such a short time. Here in this blog, you will be able to understand the role of copywriting as a powerful Digital marketing tool.

 1) Words- The Masters of Persuasion

Pictures can lure viewers’ attention, but to get them hooked on your page would need an extra pair of hands – like catchy words or engaging sentences. Believe it or not, a well-arranged assemblage of words has a great potential in shaping and molding the thoughts of the readers. Once you have their undivided attention on your charming words, you can gently slip in the details of your product or service; showcasing their features and persuading the readers to buy it without hesitation. Besides, if you have any idea about the type of audience you’re dealing with, use words accordingly to trigger memorable visual images in their minds. A stirring effect would be created by this, leaving the readers with an immediate urge to consume that particular product.

For the businessmen out there, who are looking forward to catching potential customers in the blink of an eye, don’t think twice about employing the copywriting mechanism for your commercial promotions. Your product and services will be of substantial demand even before you realize it.

2) Company Slogans and Catchphrases

Have you ever been in a situation where you just finished watching some programs on TV, but what stuck to the back of your mind were the slogans (advertising tag-lines) of various companies, appeared during the commercials? This could be a familiar situation for the viewers, but not many would’ve given much thought about the purpose behind those lines!

 In his book “Creative Advertising”, Charles L Whittier had said: “A slogan should be a statement of such merit about a product or service that is worthy of continuous repetitive advertising; is worthwhile for the public to remember, and is phrased in such a way that the public is likely to remember it.”  Or in simple words, forging thoughtful and creative catchphrases is inevitable if you wish to stand out among all those active competitors out there in the business world. For instance, take a quick peek at the slogan of the Famous American Multinational Technology Company- Apple Inc. “Think different” was all it said. But the effect it created fueled the brand in achieving one of the biggest corporate changes in the history of the business. 

People can recognize the slogan with ease and associate it quickly with the brand. It would be wise to contemplate this point while employing marketing for your business.

3) Triggering actions in consumers

Studies have shown that our brains respond to novelty,  name, emotion, contrast, and similar factors that influence choices about ourselves; just like reading a book or watching a movie can move you emotionally, tempting you to explore more.  In copywriting, the same technique is applied to not only catch potential customers but also triggering actions in them to purchase your product. Copywriting can be informal most of the time, sounding casual; which usually involves understanding the consumer’s problems, suggesting solutions and then gently slipping in the company’s services into their brains and convincing them to buy it. Plus, reading good content invokes a positive feeling in them about the company. If we look deeper, we will see that people possess the instinct to search for reasons and explanations on every matter and our words reflect the purpose of providing solutions to their problems. Through copywriting, we can make them aware of the future possibilities for solving their worries, setting their minds at ease, and thus earning their trust in return. 

4)Traffic to your website

Copywriting offers SEO benefits coupled with high google ranking because the right introductions and copy can pave the way for versatility. A fine copywriting includes several target keywords, alluring readers, and making them feel like they need a product or service. Besides, Copywriting can bring a fresh perspective to the audience about a particular service at your company. Professional copywriters are experts in constructing sentences and headlines in such a way that it will pop right on the top of the list when people browse for information. Exerting copywriting would entertain and entice the online audiences, so they stay longer on your website and engage with the brand. What’s more, they will visit your site more often than usual, once they get interested in your website or social media content. More traffic to your site means more brand awareness and exposure. This would be an ideal way to expand your business in a short period. Be careful not to present your content too much like a commercial, people will get bored and might skip it altogether. 

5) Better user interactions

The company’s growth depends on how efficiently the products are showcased, and the services are benefiting the customers. To know about their opinions, you must employ creative and unique copywriting to make them engaging. A copywriter can easily understand the insights about why users come to sites, what content they’re seeking and how much time they have, and write content accordingly to present it simple and interactive. Good user-interactions always create comfort and loyalty in readers as well as keeping you updated about the user-feedback on the products. By implementing copywriting on social media, you can easily interact with the customers, to make note of what is lacking in your services and rectify them.  Moreover, if the content is worth a good read, then people will share it more, helping your services to reach millions. And don’t neglect their suggestions on a particular product or service, because making necessary modifications could help you reap great conversions, which can lead your company to greater success. Besides, forming strong relationships with people will always make your brand more memorable to them.

           Action speaks louder than words, so they say. But on the internet where people browse faster than a hummingbird flapping its wings, you need concise content to drive your business to the brains of users. Digital marketing is where your words should be heard loud and clear, and the art of copywriting is at its heart. GL Info-Tech offers you clear, and creative text content for your websites, ads, & promotions.

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