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A seamless online platform for jewellery e-commerce pioneers in South India to plan jewellery purchases

Jos Alukkas is a thriving jewellery store chain in India, with over 40 showrooms across India. Offering gold, diamond, and platinum jewellery in exquisite, vivid detail, they cater to every occasion and every person, right from brides, grooms, siblings, parents, kids, and everyone in between. The Jos Alukkas Jewellery Purchase Scheme is an effortless and convenient way to plan jewellery purchases, where customers can either add an existing shop scheme or begin a new jewellery purchase plan. With Jos Alukkas being the most trusted jeweller and our biggest project to date, we had countless exciting challenges to tackle.

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  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
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A thriving jewellery store chain with a foothold across South India

Jos Alukkas has been one of our most esteemed clients and when their team approached us to develop an online platform called Jos Alukkas Easy buy Scheme, we were delighted to take up that challenge. We built an online platform, and the result was that there was improved accessibility, as customers could join the scheme and make instalments wherever they were. The final output facilitated flexible redemption, is easy to manage and has high bonus value and the process of starting a wise investment is a breeze.