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An easy-to-navigate and professional website that lets customers view and enquire commercial kitchen equipment and create a culinary haven.

Founded in 2006, JAJ Kitchens is a top stainless steel commercial equipment manufacturer in India and Middle East. They mainly cater to hotels, hospitals and institutions with premium quality kitchen equipment solutions that can transform any culinary space. From premium quality cooking range, refrigerating devices, exhaust systems, kitchen units and trolleys, all equipment are crafted to the highest standards and step up the culinary experience in the commercial kitchens. They serve all customers looking to renovate or replace their kitchen equipment. When customers trust JAJ, they get assurance that they experience a seamless commercial kitchen facelift.

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  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • SMM
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A one-stop-shop for all commercial kitchen equipment needs

JAJ Kitchens, a trusted stainless steel commercial equipment manufacturer, partnered with us to go online. Stainless steel commercial kitchens form a big part of JAJ’s sales in India and Middle East. All they wanted was a website that showcased their product line, major clientele and some background information about JAJ Kitchens. We assisted them with website development, delivering a website that’s intuitive. Moreover, the ability to contact them seamlessly just with a few clicks. Understanding our social media marketing prowess, we also worked with them to ignite meaningful conversations, skyrocketing engagement rates and sparking new connections across their social media platforms.