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Helping elevate the digital identity of a 24×7 Indian satellite channel with a CMS website.

Goodness TV is an Indian satellite channel that presents spiritual programs and news through distinct media, namely television, radio, social media and so forth. Programs are aired in different languages namely english and malayalam. The programs are aired 24/7 to a global audience. The channel instills a soulful experience and fosters the audience to grow closer to god. Goodness TV also airs news, such as church news, general news and viewpoints. Among other offerings include interviews, talks, talk shows, documentaries, musical shows, prayer service and special programs, which the users can watch at their convenience.

Services we provided

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
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An all-new CMS website to channel positivity

The client approached us to develop an exquisite, easy to use website and they were delighted with what we delivered. Without skimping on the audio, video quality the website seamlessly aired everything from news, talks, talk shows, documentaries, musical shows, prayer service and special programs. The website was wholly devoted to prayer and getting closer to God, helping audiences to watch masses, musical shows and the like from the confines of their abode.